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Overseas auto Shipping Overseas auto shipping by sea is mainly referred to transport the goods or automobiles to the abroad through the sea area. Mainly the need for this type of transportation occurs when we have some business like import export or when we want to take our personal goods to the abroad with us. This type of transportation is not common in all the countries but almost all the businessmen use this, as it takes less time and resources to transport and transact large amount of goods from one place to another.

Some Important tips:

  • The most important thing to be kept in mind, that always hire a good company to transport, which are believable and the government proved.
  • Take care of your insurance policies, that your insurance company will pay if there will be such kind of breakage and theft of goods.
  • Keep safe, every record or agreement signed between you and the transport company.
  • Keep the original documents and keys like vehicle registration papers, license, insurance policies, vehicle keys etc. with you and give the duplicate copy to the transport company agents.
  • Must declare about the weapons and the medicines if they are in the good which are going to transport.
  • Transport of drugitive products like alcohol, tobacco are strictly prohibited without government permission, you should require an Import Permit.
  • Items such as piano, carpets, Televisions, computers and other electronic accessories are limited to transport as per the number of family members.
  • Presence of strictly prohibited items which transportation will result in trouble for the goods owners.

Basic Document Required for this Purpose:

You have to take some important documents with you like The passport of the owner of goods, Residence certificate, Birth Certificate, Residence visa etc.

Strictly prohibited items:

Item like Hunting Items such as knife, explosions, other weapons etc , Pornography items, Drugs (non-prescription), Alcoholic items, Natural resources like plants and vegetables, Raw flesh or meat (uncooked) etc. are strictly prohibited in Overseas auto Shipping by sea.

If you are a good customer cooperative, and always respect all the terms and conditions for this kind of transportation, that makes of the journey better, but if you create some prohibited situations then you automatically create trouble for your whole life.