Auto Shipping Rates

Instant international car shipping quote estimates

Shipping Car To Europe People often ship their vehicle to nations abroad for holidaying and touring purposes. In such cases consideration regarding cost is quite a legitimate issue.

Therefore while shipping car initial costs, unexpected costs, possible delays individual timing and holidaying situations should be considered carefully. Quotes should be obtained from various shipping companies, insurers, if a car is in good shape and reliable to travel in Europe than the associated oiling, parts, repairing would be very expensive in Europe. The rental agreement with the international car shipping to Europe should be read thoroughly before signing. One has to be very calculative before approaching.

Tourist Visa:

While shipping a personal car to Europe an Auto Tourist Visa would be issued. For availing an auto tourist visa the owner would have to show the documents related to ownership of the vehicle which would be verified by the authority.


In order to use the automobile tourist visa one should have European auto insurance for the term of holiday travel. When one gets this insurance, a green card is also issued which is received after verification of documents that proves that the car had been shipped.


International car shipping to Europe could be done in several ways.

It could be put in a container before shipping which would cost about $1200-2000 approximately depending on the port.

If one has got a number of friends and are ready to ship more than a car then the shipping charges would become cheaper negotiating with the shipper multiple containers would be available at meager prices.

One can avail for RO-RO Shipping or air shipping of cars.

Where should be the CAR SHIPPED?

New York to Belgium port, it takes about 10 hours. The arrival times are not guaranteed as the weather or mechanical trouble might interfere with the same. It takes about $600-$900.

To avoid late shipping the car should be dropped by the owner at the given place directed by the shipping agency. Usually it is asked to drop 10-11 hours before the departure. As verifications regarding the car documents are done by the customs hence those should be carried along with money. The return trip is pretty much the same.