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Instant international car shipping quote estimates

Hawaii international car shipping While shifting from Hawaii or getting relocated to some other place, the worst challenge faced by an individual is shifting of vehicles and personal goods. Therefore to overcome crisis there are a few agencies that provide door-door or port-port services and meet up the deadlines, available all through the week throughout the year.

Shipping Advice:

It takes about 3-4 weeks. Cars and automobiles are shipped in individual containers. The shipping agencies should be contacted they even make provisions to deliver the container at home and help one to pack up the vehicle in the same and retrieve it within the given time at the shipping dock. While choosing the agency one should make sure that the agents are skillfully trained professionals.

Items required for Hawaii international car shipping:


A spare key should be provided to the shipping agency so that they might inspect the tank, cap or any other locked compartment.

Registration papers of the vehicle:

The documents that stand as proof that the vehicle to be shipped is a registered one, photocopies to be provided and the original ones are returned.

Authorization from the owner:

Authorization documents are essential in case the person from whom the vehicle to be shipped and the person to whom it is meant to be shipped are different. Notarized statement is a must in such cases.

Photo ID:

The person would require a photo identification proof to pick the car.

Hawaii auto-mobile shipping insurance:

The client should make insurance of his/her car before shipping. The documents should be attached and verified by the shipping agency. This would help to prevent losses in case the vehicle gets damaged. An insurance of $500 is provided in case any inconvenience is caused.

The Hawaii international car shipping has mastered in cargo shipment delivery for years. It has made standards matching with leading shipping companies worldwide and is leading as well. They provide one of the best and dependable services. They take very good care of relocation issues. The vehicles are inspected openly to ensure proper functioning and condition before shipment.