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Instant international car shipping quote estimates

International Car Shipping Car shipping is done internationally to Europe, Australia, Eastern countries. Airway containerize shipping is offered, for international vehicle deliveries. The service deals with transportation by ocean route, for new vehicles, trucks etc. The vehicle is packed in a suitable container and delivered to the desired destination.

Shipping Requirements of international car shipping from USA:

The process of international car shipping from USA is highly regulated and monitored one. The validation of the title is done by the customs about 3 days before loading. The car batteries should be removed and cables should be taken out and kept in a secured place so as to restore safety and security and avoid any sort of shock or spark. The fuel tank should be evacuated. The car must be locked, braced and tied down to restore its security and hence made suitable for safe shipping.


A surveyor should be allotted who would inspect any dent, cracks, or resting on the vehicle while purchasing the car from the dealer so as to avoid any kind of misunderstanding with the clients after shipping.

Auto-Insurance international transportation:

The international car shipping deals with many agents for vehicle transportation. Low cost auto insurance is offered for ocean vehicles. The average cost of the vehicle insurance is 2percent from the cost of the car. The client has to bear all the responsibilities in case the vehicle is not insured.

Shipping vehicles with personal belongings:

When one is shipping a vehicle overseas, along with personal belongings, it is their responsibility to keep their things secured. The authority takes the responsibility of the vehicle providing insurance to the client in case any harm is caused to the vehicle but would not replace the personal belongings if they get misplaced. Any misrepresentation would not be fulfilled by the shipping authorities. The authority of international car shipping from USA is very strict and genuine regarding its rules.

Starting from car loading, picking, inland Shipping Ocean shipping, container loading to customer clearance, each of the steps are thoroughly monitored by the shipping authorities. Verification of the required documents is a must; the customer would have to pay or would be fined in case of any inconvenience.