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Instant international car shipping quote estimates

international car shipping ratesThe services of international car shipping companies are usually used by them who are relocating from one place to another, usually offshore or overseas. Of course, it has been somewhat seen in recent times that people who car enthusiasts and have a fetish for imported cars, often use such services. Naturally then that international car shipping rates that are applicable, are high, from whichever angle you are looking at it.

For one, several factors depend on not only using the services of such companies but also the kind of car that you are planning to ship. In a nutshell however, insurance of about $10,000 is provided for the car, while dispatched upon the ship.  There is of course a choice for purchasing the insurance, in case you need or demand for insurance above the designated amount.

International car shipping rates are also dependent upon the method of shipment that is applied. Usually, the shipping is done either with the help of a freight ship or some ship or through flights. Broadly however, there are two core methods of shipping of the vehicles; the RoRo method and of course the container method.

The RoRo method of shipment has been surveyed and seen to be the most popular method so far. Also, this method is more affordable. Plus, if you are on a tight time schedule along with a tight budget, this method is perfect for shipping your vehicle overseas.

The international car shipping rates for the container method is of course high. However, unless you are really on a tight budget or tight schedule, the container method is safe in every way possible. As the name suggests, the vehicle is first of all driven into a befitting container, parked well into position and the shipped.

The container method ensures that your vehicle is protected from much damage and wear and tear, thereby ensuring that the condition of the car is intact. While the roll on roll off method is more popular owing to affordability, the container method is favored by the ones who really care for their vehicles. After all, investing once during shipping is better that investing again and again for repair work!